Fire Safety Awareness

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Section 1 – Aims and objectives
• The reason why a fire starts
• Main fire hazards in your workplace
• What measure can be taken to reduce the risk of fire
• Fire control measures
• Fire procedures
• Legislation

Section 2 – Fire Procedure
• 6 steps required for a fire procedure

Section 3 – Statistics
• National statistics
• Fires per year
• Fires in commercial premises
• Fatalities

Section 4 – How does fire start
• Heat, Fuel and Oxygen
• Common causes of fire
• Sources of ignition
• Sources of Fuel

Section 5 – How does fire spread
• Local objects
• Surfaces
• Fire doors not closed

Section 6 – Preventing fire
• Permit to work for Hot working
• Smoking restricted to certain areas
• Good housekeeping
• Well maintained electrical equipment

Section 6 – Controlling and managing fires
• Risk assessment
• Fire Extinguishers
• Evacuation procedures
• Fire Safety Policy

Duration: 1-2 Hours