Food Safety Compliance: The Critical Regulations You Need to Know

As a food business, there are food safety laws you must comply with. These require you to:  Adhering to food safety laws, helps you maintain high standards. It also protects your business against incidents that can impact you financially and socially, resulting in penalties (fines or imprisonment), loss of reputation—or in the worst cases—customer illness

The Cost Benefits of eLearning for Food Manufacturers

eLearning (also called online learning or virtual training) has been a viable alternative to classroom learning for over 20 years. But cost-effectiveness and familiarity mean it’s now becoming the go-to option for employee training in food manufacturing.  A big reason for this is Covid-19. When the pandemic hit, it changed the training landscape.  Food manufacturers

What is food defence and vulnerability assessment?

Introducing John Husband When you’ve been doing something for over 25 years, you get a good idea of how to do it well. Since 1998, I’ve helped hundreds of food and manufacturing businesses and their employees work smarter, stay compliant and help develop their management systems. Essentially, my work as a Consultant, BRCGS Principle Training

How to become a BRCGS auditor

Introduction to BRCGS With over 29,000 certified sites across 130 countries the BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety is currently the largest food safety standard adopted by food manufacturers in the world. The BRCGS’ standards ensure that quality, authenticity, safety, and operating standards are well established, so that manufacturers comply with their legal responsibilities, and that

5 benefits of becoming a BRCGS professional

BRCGS professional programme is perfect for someone who works in food manufacturing and is looking for product safety industry recognised qualification in product food safety management. BRCGS Professional provides individuals with a unique opportunity for professional development with global recognition, with a global network of over 10,000 industry professionals from more than 130 countries making