5 benefits of becoming a BRCGS professional

BRCGS professional programme is perfect for someone who works in food manufacturing and is looking for product safety industry recognised qualification in product food safety management.

BRCGS Professional provides individuals with a unique opportunity for professional development with global recognition, with a global network of over 10,000 industry professionals from more than 130 countries making it one of the largest Product Safety Management communities in the world.


5 reasons to become a BRCGS Professional

  1. BRCGS Professional programme has been developed by the BRCGS technical team in response to demands from industry for training in the skills necessary to implement effective product safety managements systems and processes.
  2. The programme will enhance your understanding of product safety management that allows you to reduce risks associated with product safety on your site and maintain a BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety management system.
  3. BRCGS qualification is owned by the employee and can be taken by the employee should they move to a different company.
  4. BRCGS Professional is being endorsed and promoted by retailers as an industry recognised qualification and is also recognised by major food manufacturers.
  5. The programme will open up new job opportunities where you will be able to practice your new product safety knowledge and skills.


How to achieve BRCGS qualification

The programme has three elements comprising of the following courses. You can select which courses best fit your needs as long as you complete the minimum number of courses required for each element.


BRCGS Global Standard

You must complete and pass ONE of the following courses:

  • Sites training (2 days)
  • Lead auditor (5 days)
  • Auditor training (3 days)
  • Conversion courses from previous standard


Hazard and risk management

Plus ONE of the following courses:

  • HACCP course (2 days)
  • Hazard analysis risk assessment course (2 days)
  • HARPC course (2 day)
  • FSPCA PCQ/FSMA course (2.5 days)


Product safety management

Plus THREE of the following courses:

  • Risk assessment (1 day)
  • Root cause analysis (1 day)
  • Validation and verification (1 day)
  • Internal auditor (2 days)
  • Vulnerability assessment for food fraud (1 day)


To see the range of BRCGS Professional courses offered by totrain and how totrain can help you become a BRCGS Professional then follow the link: https://www.totrain.co.uk/product-category/online-training-courses/

Or if you would like to find out more about BRCGS Professional then email: john@totrain.co.uk