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Section 1 – Introduction
• Root cause analysis definitions
• Different root cause analysis techniques available to the food industry

Section 2 – Key elements of a root cause analysis techniques
Overview of root cause analysis principles covering:
• Symptoms
• Root cause
• Contributing factors

Section 3 – Root cause analysis procedure
Developing a root cause analysis procedure detaining:
• Steps to be taken to undertake a root cause analysis techniques
• Records to be maintained

Section 4 – 5 whys technique
• Overview of 5 whys principle
• How to undertake a 5 whys analysis
• 5 Whys worked example

Section 5 – Fishbone technique
• Overview of fishbone principle
• How to undertake a fishbone Analysis
• Fishbone worked example

Section 6 – Pareto analysis
• Overview of Pareto principle
• How to undertake a Pareto analysis
• Pareto worked example

Duration: 4 Hours