Podcast – How to get Food Safety Culture Back in the Boardroom

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Food Safety – The Facts a series of Food Safety podcasts which analyses topics and issues relevant to food manufacturing and presents the facts in an easy to understand manner.

This the second podcast in the Food Safety – The Facts series provides both a macro and micro insightful discussion about the importance of food safety culture, the innovative Enlighten food safety culture model, it global attention and most importantly how it is supporting boardroom  management enhance its food safety compliance.


What is food safety culture and why is it important?

The Enlighten 4 C Model.

How is the Enlighten model gaining global traction.


This podcast was brought to you by University of Sunderland  and featured Dr Derek Watson and Peter Henry from totrain.  It was directed and produced by Bethany Donkin and featured  Dawn Shaefer asking the questions. Join us next time discussing BRCGS (formerly BRC) Global Standard Food Issue 8 specific requirements for food safety culture.