Podcast – Understanding food safety culture within food manufacturing

Podcast Link:  https://www.buzzsprout.com/468223/1446646


Food Safety – The Facts a series of Food Safety podcasts which analyses topics and issues relevant to food manufacturing and presents the facts in an easy to understand manner.

This new food safety series of podcasts is going to start off by taking a closer look at food safety culture – what it is, what it means for organisations working in the sector, how to meet BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 food safety culture requirements and an insight into 4C culture model that can be used to understand and improve your food safety culture.

As part of the series we will be giving aware a free tool that will allow you to measure your food safety culture and implement a food safety improvement programme.  Details of the free tool and how to access it will be given at the end of the podcast.


What is food safety culture and what does it mean?

  • Customs, Values and Beliefs
  • Does cost cutting within a company affect culture?
  • How do we define a positive culture within an organisation?
  • How does a company evaluate and improve its food safety culture?


This podcast was brought to you by totrain and featured John Husband and Peter Henry from totrain. It was directed and produced by Bethany Donkin and featured  Dawn Shaefer asking the questions. Join us next time for more on food safety culture.