The Speakers

Geoff Ogle
Geoff OgleCEO Food Standards Scotland

Geoff was appointed the first Chief Executive of the new food body, Food Standards Scotland, which came into effect on 1st April 2015.   This followed his appointment as Acting Director for Food Standards Agency (FSA) in Scotland on 2nd June 2014.  Before doing so, Geoff was Portfolio Director responsible for improving FSA’s approach to programme management.

Geoff joined the FSA in December 2008 and worked in field operations until Jan 2013 responsible for all compliance and enforcement of all FSA approved premises. He moved from that role to become the senior investigating officer for the horsemeat incident. Geoff became the interim FSA Director for Wales from May 2013 until February 2014 where he gained valuable experience working in a Devolved Government setting. Geoff has also undertaken a strategic review of the FSA’s approach to SMEs and was lead reviewer for the focus on enforcement review of OFSTED Early Years Inspection.

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