Helping you stay food safety audit ready

If you’ve ever been involved in a third-party audit—particularly a BRCGS audit—you’ll know how stressful it can be to ensure everything is in order to show you meet food safety requirements. The key to reducing this stress is to be prepared at all times. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready, as they

Building a platform for all users

User-friendliness is high on the list of qualities to look for in any software. If a platform is user-friendly, it should be simple to use for all and, therefore, easier to implement. It will make people’s tasks straightforward and remove any frustration.  The problem is, “user-friendly” means different things to different people. What’s simple to

Food Safety Compliance: The Critical Regulations You Need to Know

As a food business, there are food safety laws you must comply with. These require you to:  Adhering to food safety laws, helps you maintain high standards. It also protects your business against incidents that can impact you financially and socially, resulting in penalties (fines or imprisonment), loss of reputation—or in the worst cases—customer illness