Foodies of the North of England Invited to Unite!

A new networking round-table for the food industry is urging businesses across the region to join its launch event next month. Facilitated by Norton-based training company totrain, which specialises in food sector specific-training and in association with NEPIC, Foodies Unite aims to bring together food organisations large and small from across the North of England.

Enlighten – Product Launch

www.enlighten.team is an innovative new e-learning and training product assisting food manufacturers to understand and address food safety culture and work towards becoming “audit-ready”. From leading UK training company totrain, enlighten is a cloud-based training tool featuring interactive e-learning courses which combine to ensure compliance to the standards recognised in the food manufacturing sector. Backed

Make it all about your people

Originally published in Food Processing Magazine April 2017 John Husband argues that achieving a good organisational culture is vital to ensuring that business goals and and objectives are met. All food manufacturing companies have a legal and moral duty to produce food that is fit for human consumption. Alongside this, they also need to meet

We are not amused!

If you are an avid follower of our recent activities, you’ll have noticed we are in the midst of a ‘blog fest’. At risk of boring all our readers/followers,  we are currently developing an on-line application, known as ‘enlighten‘, that is aimed at mid-sized food manufacturers, enabling them to become audit ready. A significant component