Briefing Note 6 – BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 to 9

Clauses 6: Process control

This is the sixth BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 to 9 briefing sheet and in this briefing sheet we are going to look at the main changes to Clause 6 Process control.  To understand all the changes from issue 8 to 9 it is recommended you download the draft version of the standard issued on 6.12.21 and read in conjunction with this briefing note.

We will also be issuing a briefing note when the standard is published on the 1st August comparing any amendments from the draft standard to the published standard.

The Briefing Note has been prepared by John Husband who is BRCGS Approved Principal Training Partner and has been delivering BRCGS training for totrain and on behalf of BRCGS for over 20 years.

Clause 6 Process Control

Clause Clause subject Details of main changes
6.1.1 Process specifications and work instructions The list of specifications/procedures has been expanded to include: storage conditions (e.g. storage temperatures)

There is also a requirement that the site shall review the process specifications and work instructions/procedures prior to any changes which may affect food safety.

6.1.7 Product handling New requirement that requires where a site handles products or materials (e.g. by-products from production processes) that are outside the scope of the audit, these shall be controlled to ensure that they do not create a product safety, authenticity or legality risk to products within the scope.
6.2.1 Allocation of packing materials New requirement that requires the site to have processes in place to check label use is reconciled with expected use and the cause of any inconsistencies investigated.
6.3.3 Testing online check weighers The requirements for the online check weighers has been expanded to include: processes for handling rejected packs.

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