Briefing note 1 – BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety Issue 8 to 9

Clause 1: Senior management commitmentThe briefing note has been prepared by John Husband who is BRCGS Approved Principal Training Partner and has been delivering BRSGS training for totrain and on behalf of BRCGS for over 20 years.

In this briefing series we are going to look at the main changes in the draft BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety version F900e: Food Safety Consultation Draft Issued on 6.12.2021.

The purpose of the briefing note is to provide an overview of the main changes from Issue  8 to 9 of the BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety.  To understand all the changes from issue 8 to 9 it is recommended you download the draft version of the standard issued on 6.12.2021 and read in conjunction with this briefing note.

Briefing note 1 is going to cover clauses 1: Senior management commitment. There will be further briefings that will cover the other clauses of the standard.

We will also be issuing a briefing note when the standard is published on the 1st August comparing any amendments from the draft standard to the published standard.

Clauses 1 Senior management commitment

Clause Clause subject Details of main changes
1.1 Statement of intent Senior management commitment and continual improvement clause now requires continual improvement
of the site’s food safety and quality culture.
1.1.1 Food safety and quality policy Has been expanded to include a commitment to improve the site’s food safety and quality culture.
1.2 Food safety culture The clause now has been expanded to include:

– Food safety and culture plan to include behaviours needed to achieve the intended positive culture change.

– Where site activities have an impact on product safety the Food safety and culture plan shall be designed around clear and open communication on product safety

– Training

– Feedback from employees

– Behaviour changes required to improve product safety processes

– Performance measurement on product safety, authenticity, legality and quality related activities

There is also a requirement to review the Food safety and culture plan at least annually.

1.1.3 Objectives Objectives are now required to maintain and improve authenticity. BRCGS define authenticity as ensuring that food or raw materials purchased and offered for sale are of the nature, substance and quality expected.

There is now a requirement for the progress of objectives
to be reported to staff.

1.1.4 Management review Additional requirements for food safety and culture plan
to be reviewed at management review meetings.
1.1.5 Review of food safety, legal, integrity and quality issues on a monthly basis Integrity has been removed as one of the areas to be reviewed on a monthly basis but authenticity has been added.

The requirement for employees to report unsafe and out
of specification product has been moved to clause 1.2.3.

1.1.11 Certification audit There is now a requirement for the site’s senior manager
to be available during the audit for a discussion on effective implementation of the food safety and quality culture plan.
1.2.2 Employees’ responsibilities Additional requirements covering all employees shall have access to relevant documentation and be able to request an assessment of training needs for activities undertaken to maintain product safety, authenticity, legality and quality.
1.2.3 Reporting unsafe product Requirements to report unsafe and out of specification product relocated from clause 1.1.5.
1.2.4 External consultant New clause stating external consultants can be used but day-to-day management of the food safety systems shall remain the responsibility of the company.

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